This isn’t specifically an ADHD resource, but it’s one that’s certainly ADHD-friendly!

Big Ideas Simply Explained” is a series of textbooks published by DK (from Penguin Random House) on subjects including Math, Philosophy, Islam, Mythology, and Politics, and I believe they are prime reading opportunities for adults and teens with ADHD.

The books are written in such a way that one can absorb small snippets of information from just 1-3 pages of reading. Each chapter includes graphics and callouts that will allow your ADHD brain to feel stimulated. The colors are fun, the content is engaging, and they break down complex concepts and theories in a way that is easy for beginners to understand.

Below are the books available, as listed on their website on 12/24/2020:

  • The Art Book
  • The Astronomy Book
  • The Bible Book
  • The Business Book
  • The Classical Music Book
  • The Crime Book
  • The Ecology Book
  • The Economics Book
  • The Feminism Book
  • The History Book
  • The Islam Book
  • The Literature Book
  • The Movie Book
  • The Mythology Book
  • The Philosophy Book
  • The Physics Book
  • The Politics Book
  • The Psychology Book
  • The Math Book
  • The Religions Book
  • The Science Book
  • The Shakespeare Book
  • The Sherlock Holmes Book
  • The Sociology Book
  • The Star Trek Book
  • The Big Idea Box, which includes three top-sellers – Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology

Happy reading!

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