Facebook groups can be an excellent way to find fellow women with ADHD who experience the same daily struggles and triumphs as you.

I’m in a group for women with ADHD, as well as a group for people quitting smoking.

I love seeing other stories, laughing at memes, providing support and advice, and generally knowing that I’m not alone. It’s a constant reminder of how many women in the world just get me!

Below are a few groups I’ve found. I can’t vouch for the content in each because I am not a member of them all, but I recommend trying at least two to make sure you find your right fit. There are a lot out there, so if you get overwhelmed, just pick one from this list that sounds nice!

Women with ADD ADHD

About: “A peer support group led by Terry Matlen, ACSW; www.addconsults.com, www.queensofdistraction.com. For women who have or suspect they have ADD/ADHD.”

Beautiful Mayhem: Women with ADHD Casual Chat

About: “Beautiful Mayhem is a sister group to Women with ADD ADHD. It is a place for women 18+ with ADHD to connect on a more casual level and discuss our lives. We welcome all sorts of posts, with a few exceptions. This group is only for women who have or suspect they have ADHD.”


About: “Welcome to the Moms with ADD/ADHD family! We’re so glad you found us, and hope you find our group to be supportive and helpful in managing the many challenges we face on a daily basis. This group is led by ADD expert/author, Terry Matlen. More information can be found on her homepages: http://addconsults.com/ and www.queensofdistraction.com/. Terry created this group as a way for moms with ADHD to connect and share stories/personal experiences with others who can relate.

Focused Femmes: A Support Group For Women With ADHD

About: “Welcome to Focused Femmes! We are here to support women who live with ADHD and it’s effects every single day. Whether you are diagnosed or undiagnosed, we will be here to offer the support and guidance that every ADHD woman needs to thrive, move forward and focus!”

ADHD for Smart Ass Women

About: “This group is for smart, high-ability ADD/ADHD (diagnosed or suspecting) women or those who identify as women, who see their symptoms as more positive than negative. I started this group because I couldn’t find an ADHD group for women who believe that they are successful because of their ADHD, not in spite of it.”

Moms with ADHD/ADD kids

About: “This is a group for moms with children that have ADHD or ADD to get to know other moms with children with the same disorder. Feel free to discuss other stuff as well!”

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