This resource is all about ADHD coaching from Terry Matlen! Terry is a psychotherapist, writer, consultant and ADHD coach. She specializes in adults with ADHD, with a specific focus on women. Her coaching group is called Queens of Distraction, and it’s a fully online program designed to help you with paperwork, cleaning, organization, laundry, chores, and more!

Queens of Distraction meets through a private invite-only Facebook group, and includes a weekly Procrastinator’s Workshop, Thursday Night Chat with Terry, and Sunday Accountability Club.

The cost is $165 for a 6-month membership, and it includes a 24/7 support chat with other Queens!

Terry is certified through the Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching as a Senior Certified Coach (SCAC). She also offers private consulting services about the signs and manifestations of ADHD, how to get a clinical evaluation, how to find coaching and support, and more!

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