Maybe I’m biased because I was featured in an episode, but the Women & ADHD podcast is one of my favorite neurodiverse podcast resources out there! Hosted by Katy Weber, an ADHD advocate and holistic health coach, each episode features an interview with a fabulous woman who has ADHD.

Though the episodes are interviews, they feel like cozy chats with great friends just trying to share more about their lives. It’s an opportunity to learn firsthand what ADHD is really like from the people who live with it every day.

The podcast has featured women from all walks of life – business owners, personal trainers, doctors, teachers, mothers, advocates, artists, and yours truly! Her guests talk about their journey to diagnosis, and their difficulties and their successes living with ADHD.

The Women & ADHD podcast is available on:

Katy Weber is also the author of “Worth It: A Journey to Food & Body Freedom”, and she offers one-on-one holistic health coaching to help you learn to eat intuitively without dieting, improve your body image and love yourself. Read more about her book and coaching offerings at her website,

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